Becoming a Theatre Trouper

By Sam Grey, Practicum Student

When I first heard about Theatre Troupe, I was sitting at YouthCO’s Core Training weekend.  As the facilitator talked about the program, I thought to myself:  What was it all about?  Is it fun?  Do I have to be a professional actor with supreme acting abilities? Unbeknownst to me (a practicum student from Douglas College) all would reveal itself as I was about to become a member of the Troupe.

To describe Theatre Troupe in simple terms is not an easy task (Click here to learn more).  As a newcomer to the group, there is not one word or phrase that would be able to capture its essence and awesomeness! To me, Theatre Troupe is an experience.  Having gone to high school in the Lower Mainland and been forced to sit through a number of different assemblies/workshops, I believe there is something unique and spectacular about Theatre Troupe.  In my opinion, it is quite rare to have a group that addresses issues such as oppression, sexism and homophobia; issues that I wish were addressed when I was in high school.   I often find myself thinking, how would my grade 12 class react to such a presentation? Of course, we all knew homophobia existed back then and heck, I bet I wasn’t the only one who experienced it, but we never really talked about in an open, respectful forum. What could have changed if Theatre Troupe addressed such oppressions with us?

The desire to promote change within communities through the performing arts; that is what attracted me to Theatre Troupe.  I was never much of a “drama kid” back in high school but I wanted a challenge. I wanted to challenge my performance anxiety and build up my confidence in front of an audience. Who knew I would be able challenge oppression and educate others at the same time?

Theatre Troupe feels so different from all other previous experiences of theatre (i.e. high school drama class).  Once in grade 10, I participated in the school play in which my role was minor; practically insignificant.  In Theatre Troupe, no role is insignificant. Theatre Troupe is not about major or minor roles. It is about the troupe, together as a team. We believe the same thing, strive for the same goal and achieve it together. There is a true sense of community amongst the Theatre Troupers. We care about each other lives: past, present and future. We laugh, share and create with each other.  There is no hierarchy of achievement; there is only a collective achievement.

The punch line to this personal testimony is that Theatre Troupe is innovative, challenging, thought-provoking and fun. All the things YouthCO is and continues to be.

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